Ladies Circle – Trying Something New

Posted on Wednesday, January 27th, 2016 by in Featured, Latest News, News, Womens'

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In early November 2015, Combat Academy Chelmsford and Essex delivered a corporate self defence taster session to a group of 9 women from Ladies Circle, a modern, vibrant club for women.

Richard Mitchener, Combat Academy instructor for Chelmsford and Essex delivered a structured and tailored two-hour session focussing on the groups specific learning preferences.

The fun evening commenced with some self defence theory covering personal safety, the 4C model and DEFOF. IMG_3945[3][3][1]

After an initial Combat Academy warm up the gloves and thai pads came out and the ladies all got stuck in. They were taught the importance of voice commands, learnt an array of techniques – the Fence, Guard, Clinch and Anaconda – finishing with an overview of knife defence skills.

Everyone had a great time with lots of giggles and appreciation of the techniques being taught.

“Thanks Richard for the self defence taster tonight!  #Chelmsford #TrySomethingNew”

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