New Close Protection Training Course Launches in the UK

One of the most comprehensive close protection training packages in the UK – delivered by some of the industry leading experts in the field…

Combat Academy UK has long been one of the leading training providers in the world for personal safety, security and self defence training. The Combat Group, comprising of Combat Security, which provides high risk security services, and Combat Academy is headed by Major (Retired) Huw Roberts, formerly the Chief Instructor for the Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit. It is no wonder that we are now delivering the HABC Level 3 Certificate For Working as a Close Protection Operative within the Private Security Industry (QCF).

Huw comments:

There are many security training providers in the UK offering the SIA minimum standard – Level 3 Close Protection training course. It is fit for purpose and considered to be the gold standard in the industry. Many security officers, who currently hold a door supervisor licence aspire to eventually attain their CP badge and the kudos that goes with it. Many are either precluded by the cost of the lengthy training, or opt for the cheaper and less authentic, though fully compliant options in the UK. We aim to provide a training course which goes far higher than the minimum compliance bar and contains additional bolt-on units. The units, whilst not compulsory under SIA guidance, add tremendous value to the Close Protection course, and also tremendous practical operational use to any CP operative.

Additional units will include:

  • Full CQC (Close Quarter Combat) training unit
  • Criminology unit
  • Psychology unit
  • Counter Terrorism unit

The courses will be delivered at both Combat HQ in Buckinghamshire and our regional office in West Yorkshire and priced at £2,400 it will include all of the units above. Discounts will be available for former police and military and the Combat Group is planning to offer a unique discount and payment plan for existing private security professionals holding the security guarding or door supervision licences.

If you are interested in enrolling on a Close Protection training course with us, register your interest by emailing

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