Welcome to one of the UK’s only dedicated Security Training Centres offering a full suite of security related courses and qualifications. With expertise from the military, policing and private security – brought together within an industry think-tank and training provider.

Among the courses delivered are:

Combat Security and Combat Academy are operational branches of Combat Academy (Franchising) Ltd, which is a registered training provider under the UK Register of Training Providers – a one-stop portal used by government departments, agencies and employers to share information about learning providers. Registration is also essential to be able to access SFA funding.

Combat Security provides security consultancy and operation within sensitive, hostile and high risk environments, whereas Combat Academy is a branch dedicated to training delivery, and is both an HABC approved training centre and also approved under the CPD Standards Office for a range of courses. The two organisations combine to offer unrivalled expertise and access to training courses that are truly innovative, forward thinking and fit for purpose. Both branches also regularly donate funding and time into community focussed not for profit and charitable activities through the Combat Academy Community Support Division (CACSD), and we are serious about our corporate social responsibility, which is a fundamental part of our operation.