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Combat Academy UK is launching its world famous DEFOF self defence courses, classes and seminars across the Yorkshire area including: Leeds, West Yorkshire, South Elmsall, Pontefract, Doncaster, Sheffield and Rotherham.

Ex-military to hold Self defence seminar –  for charity…

Amazing Personal Safety, Security and Self Defence seminar in Leeds to raise money for Anti-bullying charity. All welcome, from beginners to advanced… £25 for two people (bring a friend for free offer)

The first seminar will be held in Leeds with full details to be announced shortly Additional self defence classes will be held in South Elmsall and Doncaster. The seminar will be one of the most complete and comprehensive self defence, personal safety, and security courses that Leeds and indeed Yorkshire has ever seen. There will be expert speakers from the world of the Police, Military and Private security industry, and there will be mind-blowing self defence and unarmed combat demonstrations from highly skilled experts. delegates will be able to watch lectures, speak to experts, take part in self defence training sessions, and receive personal self defence training and one-to-ones. Some of the subjects covered are:

Knife awareness and defence
Rape awareness and defence
Physical self defence
Ground fighting and escaping when you are pinned by a larger stronger attacker
Home invasion tactics



The seminar is being run by Combat Academy UK with endorsements from the UK Self Defence and Martial Arts Guild. Money will be raised for the Combat Academy Community Support Division which is a not for profit organisation specialising in providing support and training for disadvantaged and vulnerable members of the community, such as anti-bullying and training for victims of crime.



Major (Retired) Huw Roberts, former Chief Instructor for the Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit, and Chairman of the UK Self Defence & Martial Arts Guild  Unit comments; “Many people want to learn self defence, but don’t know where to start. They are often nervous about their fitness, and unsure which type of martial art to try. Combat Academy seminars are designed to be completely inclusive and ideal as an introduction. The format means that you can come along and just watch, and still get lots out of the seminar, together with the confidence to have a go next time. The DEFOF system of self defence, which is already taught to security professionals, is frankly one of the best that I have ever seen. What makes the system unique is the fact that it really works for the unfit, weak and frail, who are often singled out as victims. Of course, in the hands of someone who is young, fit and strong, the system is devastating, which is why it is becoming the first choice for close protection operatives (bodyguards) and other security professionals.”


To register your interest and receive a full event invite, fill in the form below:

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