Top Ten Self Defence Tips

Learning about self defence and personal safety will empower you to live without fear and deal with real life self defence situations should the need arise. Read our top ten tips to protect yourself during the harsh reality of a real life attack!

  • Top tip 1 – Don’t get hit It sounds like a strange statement and this is not meant flippantly. This skill can be learned very quickly. It is about controlling the distance and your position – make sure that you master distance and positioning to ensure that you don’t get hit.
  • Top tip 2 – Learn how to guard just in case you get distancing wrong and need to cover up Developing an impenetrable guard can get you out of many brutal attacks alive. Many fights and attacks are over in the first few seconds and finished by one lucky, or unlucky punch depending on which side of the fence you are standing. In fact, talking about “the fence” this is a powerful technique which if mastered stops your opponent getting close enough to hit you and if they do break through it will be on your terms.
  • Top tip 3 – Most Fights end up in the clinch i.e. getting grabbed by your attacker Learn how to control your opponent in a clinch.
  • Top tip 4 – Many fights end up on the ground Learn the art of ground-fighting and escaping from this situation. If you get pinned by a larger stronger attacker this could be a very dangerous situation.
  • Top tip 5 – Learn about pressure points Where you can inflict damage or pain on a much larger stronger opponent.
  • Top tip 6 – Learn about bio mechanics The power of leverage and how you can overcome a larger stronger attacker without the need for physical strength.
  • Top tip 7 – Overcome your fear of being attacked Fear can be useful if controlled but debilitating if you are not used to it. By drilling real attacks in a safe environment and practicing neuro linguistic programming you can turn fear into a positive weapon.
  • Top tip 8 – Understand the psychology of your attacker Why is your attacker attacking you? What are their motivations? What are they afraid of? Why did they pick you? There is an answer to all of these questions and if you understand the mentality and motivation of your attacker you can tailor your approach for the most effective self defence. What you say and do will vary depending on whether your attacker is sexually motivated, looking for financial gain, affected by peer pressure or mentally disturbed.
  • Top tip 9 – Understand the Law What you can and can’t do and making sure that your response is proportionate. Self defence in the UK is permitted but the response has to be proportionate and legally defensible in a court of law.
  • Top tip 10 – Personal safety and self protection Even more powerful than the best techniques. Understanding why you are selected as a victim for being weak and isolated (in the view of your attacker) can ensure that you do not put yourself in danger in the first place. Ultimately, the best self defence is avoidance. If this fails, then you had better know some powerful and effective self defence techniques.