Personal Safety and Critical Life Skills – Ages 7 – 9

Personal Safety and Critical Life Skills – Ages 7 – 9

Critical life skills course for young people aged 7 – 9 to build confidence, teamwork, and leadership

Course outline

Confidence building, teamwork, and leadership are at the heart of this course, which focuses on critical life skills to build a solid foundation of understanding and applied common sense relating to personal safety.

The course is designed to be engaging and fun, whilst sensitively dealing with the following subject matter:

  • Personal space awareness
  • Safety rules
  • Personal safety
  • Bullying
  • Confidence and team building


After this course, students will have an increased awareness and confidence relating to the subject matter, together with a developing set of transferable critical life skills, including: increased personal confidence, awareness and the development of personal strengths and virtues.


The course can be delivered as a one-off introduction to personal safety through a single session, either at school, or on behalf of a school. Alternatively, it can be delivered as a fully enrolled course, which can be requested by the school, or directly from a parent. The fully enrolled course is blended as a mix of taught theoretical content and online learning, and a series of practical taught sessions. The sessions are engaging and the online content is simple, and yet gradually builds and delivers rich content that is appropriate to the age group.

Length of course

The fully enrolled course is anticipated to take around 8 weeks from start to completion, with progress reports given to the school and parents, and positive feedback given directly to the student.