Team Building Events

Team Building Events

The benefits of teambuilding are appreciated by many leading organisations. The positive impacts on morale can really make a difference and remove office politics, form new bonds and relationships and break through boundaries and barriers. It has been proven that an environment that takes people out of their comfort zone, pushes and stretches them, is a positive environment where people can shine and come out of their shell, often surprising and impressing their colleagues with sides of their personalities that they have never seen before. Our teambuilding events can be used as networking, product launches, ice breakers to difficult meetings, or just as staff morale builders.

The Events

Imagine authentic military basic training, team challenges, survival skills and unarmed combat training. Gathering wood, making a fire and cooking the old fashioned way in itself is a fabulous activity leading to camp fire talent shows, moments of truth and bonding that last and build, even after the event finishes.

Why Team Building?

Apart from the fun, your employees will feel valued and they will actually be learning valuable skills within the self defence and personal safety training aspects of the event. As an employer, you will stand out and your staff will spread the word. You can expect many photos and positive accounts to be posted across social media, and the valuable positive PR is in itself worth a lot!


  • Survival training
  • Military team challenges and fitness
  • Unarmed combat and self defence training
  • Overnight camp (optional)
  • Positive psychology activity