Evolve your Training – Become a Close Protection and Counter Terrorism Specialist

A highly advanced and comprehensive Close Protection course launches in Yorkshire. The course contains many enhancements over and above the industry standard, including: Close Quarter Combat, Counter Terrorism, Psychology and Criminology units. The project is being launched to upskill security professionals currently working in the UK ….


Private security staff need to be more equipped to deal with the rapidly growing threats around terrorism and violent crime, such as knife attacks. Advanced self defence and control and restraint training needs to be applied together with an upskilling of existing operatives. The current non-hostile environment Close Protection courses running against the SIA qualification specifications provide excellent platform, and content, which many security guards and door supervisors have long aspired to. There is a certain amount of kudos associated with the CP badge, although for many, the prospect of gaining work on the “circuit” without a military background proves to be difficult. The qualification itself though, contains many useful units around operational planning, risk and threat assessment and handling incidents and dilemmas. There is a valid argument to suggest that the training can be applied very well to security generally, and not just within active CP roles.

With this in mind, Combat Group and Combat Security are looking to launch a project to upskill a selection of civilian security personnel, and analyse the positive impact that this upskilling has within their ability to perform as security professionals, and whether this has a positive impact on employability and CV enhancement. Many of the successful graduates will carry on in their roles as door supervisors and event security staff – rather than deploying into hostile environments abroad. Some may go on to fulfil an increasing demand for close protection in the UK within the corporate world. There is an argument to suggest that an individual with corporate security experience and commercial awareness on civvy street, may be more apt at meeting the requirements of this level of Close Protection than a military service leaver with considerable hostile environment training, but a lack of corporate experience.


To upskill 50 security guards and door supervisors to Close Protection Operatives with an increased knowledge of counter terrorism.

The increased risk of terrorism in the UK means that security personnel should be aware of how to conduct evacuations, invacuations, how to plan, create SOP’s, conduct threat and risk assessments and consult with non security managers and staff to lead the way in relation to the above. Understanding all of the government counter terrorism headings under the UK plc 4P agenda has never been more important. Most people understand Prevent as a strategy, but an advanced understanding of the psychology behind ideaology, prejudice and radicalisation is not common knowledge. The protect, punish and pursue agendas also need to be understood, together with what the global terrorism landscape and political agenda looks like. Counter terrorism is a broader and deeper subject that physical CT and response measures imply.

Do you have what it takes?


  • Must live in Yorkshire
  • Must currently hold a valid SIA licence
  • Must be fit and robust (recruitment selection and induction day applies)
  • Must provide one personal and professional reference
  • Must demonstrate an ability to study at a minimum one Level 3
  • Must complete an application by the end of August


Course costs £2,400 plus VAT

Subsidised price £500 (+ VAT) for any existing SIA licenced guards in Yorkshire (limited places available and only for August enrolment).

Obtain an impressive suite of qualifications to enhance your employability and career prospects

A complete package for £500 + VAT comprising:

  • L3 Close Protection Operations (special offer for door supervisors and security guards in Yorkshire).
  • Advanced positive restraint – learning how to restrain people safely and effectively, whilst considering the duty of care, and personal self defence.
  • Close Quarter Combat for CP operatives – an intense high-end course designed for hostile environments and situations (now made available to non-CP and civilian security operatives)
  • Self defence – using the powerful DEFOF system of self defence.
  • Counter terrorism training – understanding the threat, the prevent, and protect agendas. Learning how to plan and implement an invacuation, evacuation or emergency response. Understanding the processes behind radicalisation and the psychology of ideology, together with a study of the global terrorism landscape. An exciting course run by ex-military and designed by some of the leading counter terrorism experts, including Major (Retired) Huw Roberts, former chief instructor for the Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit.
  • Psychology – understanding and mastering fear, persuasion, positive manipulation and a broad-based introduction to this fascinating field.
  • Criminology – criminal profiling, crime scene management, and crime prevention, together with some classical criminology.

The first question being asked by many is “where is the catch”?

Combat Academy operates a not for profit branch, which provides subsidised training for those who need it based on being at risk in their lives or work. This course is being subsidised as an initial project designed to gain feedback from those working in the front line. The project aims to test the current CP qualification against the role of non hostile environment CP, and the benefits that it has to existing security professionals in non CP roles.

The security industry has long been criticised for the quality of its training for front line security officers. The UK terrorism and knife crime threat, combined with a growing number of violent individuals taking up mixed martial arts as a hobby, has increased the risk that front-line operatives are under. The training has certainly not adapted to this change. You only have to visit YouTube to witness the number of serious incidents and attacks on security professionals, and the lack of equipment, training and legal constraints that put them at risk.

The Combat Group, made up of Combat Security – ex-military security specialised deploying into hostile and high-risk environments, Combat Academy, a world leading CQC training provider and the community support division have brought this course to Yorkshire. There is a catch inasmuch as there are limited places available on the first intake, which will be running through August, September and October, and acceptance is NOT guaranteed.

There will be a recruitment, selection and induction day, which will be run by ex-military personnel in a military fashion and in a military environment. Successful entrants will expect this course to be physically and mentally demanding, and for many – life changing.

Major (Retired) Huw Roberts comments:

“This course is an opportunity for many to enhance their CV beyond measure, and will open up many opportunities in the UK and abroad. It will not, however be easy… My training team have been selected because they are the best of the best, and trust me when I say that I am not impressed easily. Good luck!”

Next steps

For more information or to book your place email close.protection@combat-academy.co.uk


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