Knife and Sharp Weapon Defence

We all watch the news, and the volume of stabbing, and crime related to knives and sharp weapons is staggering. This issue seems to affect every demographic, from young to old, and owing to the brutal and highly personal nature of the crime, many people are in fear, and asking themselves the question “could they defend themselves in a knife attack”?

The answer, if we stop kidding ourselves is that the majority of people would be powerless, and simply reliant on the help of others, or blind luck. With training, however, there is much that can be done to limit the damage, survive, or even disarm the attacker. Interestingly, the concept of forgetting about “winning” and focussing on “not losing” is critical in a knife attack. Losing represents losing your life in this situation, and therefore an understanding of our overall strategic aim in this situation is critical. The tactics that we then choose should support this aim, and learning flashy skills to disarm an attacker, are often what get us killed…

Even following an attack, and in the window of time whilst we are waiting for emergency help, there is much that we can do to conduct an assessment of our own, or the injuries of others (triage), and then following this assessment, focus on preventing the injury from getting worse…

Many people who have learned a conventional martial art will either realise that it has limitations, or they will delude themselves that they could defend themselves if they were attacked, for real by someone who wants to end their life!

Consider the following:

  • Are there multiple attackers and a danger from strikes as well?
  • Can you handle and control the fear that you will experience?
  • Do you understand the power of psychology and verbal commands?
  • If you go to the floor, will the situation get worse?
  • Are there any improvised weapons, or improvised armour that can be used?
  • Can you use psychology to attack the attacker and weaken their resolve?
  • Do you understand range and can you manipulate distance to stay safe.
  • Is the attacker right or left handed, are they holding the knife to facilitate slashing, downwards stabbing, thrusting, or is the blade a chopping instrument?

Choosing the right strategy, tactics, concepts and techniques can only be done when we understand the above, and we will have limited thinking time to come up with, and execute a plan. Plans rarely survive contact with the enemy, so we need to ensure that they can change dynamically.

With training, it is possible to sway the odds in your favour, and make the right choices, use the correct techniques and survive!

On our specialist knife awareness, safety and disarming course you learn all about:

  • Understanding the weapon – a look at sharps and blades, the threat, mode and method of attack
  • Psychology and controlling fear
  • Understanding intent and the type of attacker
  • Body language and target and attack indicators
  • Range and distance
  • Avoiding strikes, grabs and bladed weapons as a joined up process
  • Avoiding and blocking an attack
  • Ground fighting
  • Disarming
  • Damage limitation
  • Triage and first aid

The Knife defence and awareness course is hard hitting. There are many courses that frankly skirt around the edges and never deal with the harsh reality. This course is for everyone from those who are frightened of the possibilities, to those who have already been a victim of crime. Combat Academy deal with the subject responsibly, sensitively, and yet deal with the real issue of imparting a set of survival skills that really work under pressure.

The course has been designed by some of the world’s leading experts from the world of the Military, policing and private security, together with reality based martial arts practitioners, psychologists and criminologists.

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