DEFOF – A Complete Self Defence System

The DEFOF self defence system is emerging as one of the most advanced and complete systems of self defence in the world! It considers the subject of violence and its study to be an emerging science.

It was created to mechanically map the process that a physical fight or attack will go through. It is not a continuum, nor does a physical encounter follow a set path. It considers all aspects of a physically violent encounter, and contains a system that maps this into five stages.

What makes this system truly different and effective for self defence, is that it considers all aspects and stages of a fight, from distance and range, through to engaging with the attacker, fighting on the floor, the psychological and physiological situation that evolves throughout the encounter, the end-state and eventual finish.

DEFOF is an acronym for:

  • DISTANCE Using and understanding range, controlling distance, staying away from the attacker are all crucial to consider. This includes the range of the chosen weapon!
  • ENGAGE If you cannot stay away, or are forced to choose to engage with the attacker, minimising damage, avoiding being hit, controlling a situation where you are grabbed or grab the attacker, staying as safe as possible and gaining control are essential at this stage.
  • FLOOR How many attacks and fights end up on the floor? The answer is an extremely high percentage. Imagine being pinned by a much larger and stronger attacker… Imagine more than one attacker when you are on the floor… This is an essential part that is forgotten by many martial arts and self defence systems.
  • ONGOING Understanding the threat, using psychology, controlling fear, expending minimal energy, adapting your strategy, which feeds your tactics’ and the concepts, which in turn influences the techniques that you apply are all covered here. Understanding and using your geography, together with improvised weapons is also a consideration…
  • FINISH This is the end-state and if you start without an understanding of where you are going, it is like rolling a dice with your life! You need a plan and this plan needs to be adaptable and dynamic!

Here at Combat Academy, we include the DEFOF system in all of our training courses that range from courses specifically for vulnerable people, women, elderly, children – right up to courses for police, prison officers, military personnel and private security professionals. The system is designed to work for every age, size and level of ability because it considers age, size and level of ability across all of its teachings.

Major (Retired) Huw Roberts, former Chief Instructor for the Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit comments:

When you consider why someone may be chosen as a victim, it is seldom because they are brimming with physical prowess, confidence and the clear ability to defend themselves. An individual with that profile, is more likely to get into a fight, which is a very different proposition than a victim-led attack. What this means is that a victim is in even more need of a self defence system that considers that they may be weaker and less agile! This is where the DEFOF system is one of the best, if not the best in the world! Obviously, if it works for those who fit a victim profile, then it can be devastating in the hands of someone who is fit, strong and capable as a physical specimen! It is for this reason that DEFOF is the first choice for many security professionals.

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